Air Conditioning System Cleaning Pointers

Could your air conditioning system use a bit of cleaning? When you notice that your system is not doing the job you know it should, the reason may well be that it needs to be cleaned. Lots of factors can go into an air conditioning system running in an inefficient manner. It could be that the fins are jammed with dirt and debris or the coolant level is simply too low. There are some issues that can be quickly addressed and others which call for the help of aircon professionals. While most everyone can successfully tackle the simpler types of repairs and cleaning jobs, professionals will be required to handle low coolant levels.

Yearly service is essential to keep an air conditioning system running well. By taking care of this type of maintenance, it is possible to prevent costly repairs down the road. The good news is that the majority of routine tasks of this nature are easy for virtually everyone to perform.

Though doing an air conditioning system clean is no small undertaking, it does work to keep serious damage from occurring. Prior to beginning, it is important to disconnect the power source to the system. It is likely that your house is equipped with a switch designed for this very purpose that is located close to the condenser. This makes handling the first step in the process quite easy.

If the system you intend to clean is large and has a condenser located on the exterior of the home, it makes good sense to do your work when temperatures outside exceed 60 degrees. The condenser’s fans ought to be cleaned first. The fins are known for collecting a great amount of dirt, due to the fact that they work to suck air inward at all times. With that air comes dust, grass, leaves and other sorts of pollen-covered particles.

It will be necessary to take off the air conditioner’s top portion in order to get to the fan, condenser and motor. Then, it is important to get rid of noticeable debris within the condenser itself. Now, a towel should be placed atop the service panel in order to stop water from infiltrating the area.

With a sprayer hose, wet the condenser completely. Take care not to spray in an inward fashion, as this will only send the debris and dirt deeper into the condenser itself. Once the fans have been sprayed, it should be easy to see directly through them.

It may also be wise to vacuum the condenser’s interior in order to eliminate remaining dirt and debris that has made its way inside. After doing this, it is necessary to examine lubrication spots on the fan’s motor mechanism. Newer units will have sealed bearings, but older ones may be characterized by ports which can be lubricated with a few drops of oil made for electric motors.

After completing all of these jobs, operate the switch again and turn on the condenser. If you do not get power right away, consult the owner’s manual to learn the right way to get things restarted.

This same procedure ought to be done each and every year to ensure full efficiency of the unit. In the event, you perform this maintenance religiously, yet your air conditioner still fails to function properly, the aid of a professional aircon technician may be needed. In such cases, low refrigerant may be the issue, and only the pros can remedy that. Read more tips from the best aircon cleaning service.

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